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Ministry Overview

Here at the Triumphant Church, we believe that the Lord has blessed every believer with at least one spiritual gift. As a Christian we have an obligation to discover our gift(s) and utilize them in the ministry of the local church to the glory of God.

At Triumphant, there’s room for you to use your gifts, talents and special abilities according to God’s will. Today at Triumphant we have the following ministry opportunities available:

  1. BASE Children’s Ministry 
  2. Conservation Ministry 
  3. Deaconate Ministry 
  4. Discipleship Groups 
  5. Hospitality Ministry 
  6. Media Ministry 
  7. Usher Ministry 
  8. Worship Ministry 

New ministries are being birthed and implemented as we partner together in ministry to accomplish our mission of “seeking to develop a fellowship of faithful, fully mature disciples for Jesus Christ.”